Your C.V. is the key to securing Interviews

Your C.V. is the key to securing Interviews

Are you applying for numerous jobs and not securing any interviews?  If you have all the skills that they require, the problem could be your C.V.  Your C.V. is your opportunity to catch the employer’s attention.  It tells a story about your skills and achievements.  It allows them to see your future potential ability and how you would fit into their company and culture.

Before you start writing your C.V., review the job specification of the job you are applying for.  It is your aim to highlight as many of your skills that match the requirements of the job.  For each job you apply for, review your C.V. and see how you can tailor it towards the job.

It is important to have the most relevant information on the first page as this is the page that employers will spend most time on.  Your C.V. should be two pages maximum.  The following is a guideline for headings within your C.V.; Contact Details, Personal Statement, Education and Qualifications, Career History and References.   Have a clear layout and use bullet points where possible.  Use a chronological order with the most recent coming first, for example start with your most recent job position.

It is a great idea to start your C.V. with a personal statement.  This will give an employer a sense of who you are, what you can do, and your ambitions.  It also makes your C.V. more personal.

When you are happy with your C.V review it, review it and review it again!  This is so important.  Spelling and grammar mistakes can put employers off and could cost you that interview.  Where possible get a second person to review it.  Pay particular attention to your contact details especially your phone number and email address.

These tips should help you create an excellent C.V.  If you need help with creating a professional C.V. contact us at Get The Job You Want.

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