Employer Services

GetTheJobYouWant know the employment sector and understand the needs of our employer clients and offer a range of  employer services. We take time to learn about the businesses we serve and the challenges they face so that we can recruit the very best fit for each role.
We are solution focused and work hard for you to find committed, well qualified and engaged employees. We work hard with you the employer to ensure that we define precisely the job role and clearly outline the culture and expectations to candidates so that your recruitment needs are met.
In this region we have a strong reputation for having built up a broadly-based candidate database from which our clients can gain well experienced and qualified candidates from various industry/service backgrounds, in all the main functional areas.
We have a thorough understanding of the job seeker and their motivation in changing jobs. We use innovative assessments, selection methods and in depth interviews to ensure that you can have trust and clarity in our recruitment services. We have an ambitious strategic vision and our passionate team work with professionalism, integrity and a focus on people to deliver an award winning service every day. Contact us to for more information on the employer services we can offer your business.

Get The Job You Want Job Recruitment and Career Specialists


Whether you’re a multinational, SME or start-up, you know how important it is to build a strong team. Recruiting employees is often a risky, time consuming and expensive process. With increasing numbers of candidates available for certain positions the number of applications that clients receive may be overwhelming, causing huge volumes of administrative work around screening, matching and processing applications. Get The Job You Want can source suitably skilled candidates for you from our large candidate database.   We will personally speak to and assess each candidate.  We will get you the ideal candidate for the job, who meets the criteria for education, skills and experience outlined in your job specification.


Each job interview needs proper interview preparation to achieve interview success. Our Career Development Experts at GetTheJobYouWant will coach potential candidates to do the best interview possible.  Our personalised interview coaching is tailored to each candidate and the specific job that they are applying for.

Our interview coaching doesn’t just help with interview techniques; it transforms the perception of the interview process and results in candidates being well prepared for their interview and confidently looking forward to the interview and their career future. We provide 1 on 1 interview coaching, in a tailored and professional way.  We focus on the candidate’s strengths, achievements and skills and we match them with the job requirements to develop a tailored interview coaching session.


We have all experienced the new recruit who had a great CV, performed exceptionally in the interview but once they started their new job, they just didn’t fit in with the company culture.

There is a way to minimise the risk of this happening.  Recruitment and training is expensive so it is preferable to get the right candidate who will stay long term with the company.  Psychometric tests measure traits like knowledge, aptitude, personality traits, attitudes and beliefs. Psychometric tests provide information that you are unlikely to find on a CV or get an accurate feel for during an interview.   

Psychometric tests will also inform the recruiters on the candidates integrity, creativity, work ethic, handle pressure and work as part of a team.  


Aptitude testing is commonly used to assess candidates on a range of logical reasoning including verbal, numerical, speed and accuracy or spatial reasoning skills.  Aptitude tests are the most objective way of screening a candidate; there is no subjectivity involved at all – either your answers are right or they are wrong.