Top 5 Tips for Interview Success

Top 5 Tips for Interview Success.


  1. Preparation is Key

There is a fine line to getting the balance right when preparing for an interview.  It is important to research the company and the job specification.  If it is a competency interview, it is useful to prepare sample answers to each competency required.  However a mistake some people make is to over prepare.  You want to be performing your interview with a clear and fresh mind, not a frazzled overloaded one.  Where possible take the night off the night before the interview and just read over your notes on the morning of the interview to ensure that they are fresh in your mind.


Top 5 Tips for Interview Success

Top 5 Tips for Interview Success


  1. Dress for Success

Even before you open your mouth to speak, the interviewers will be forming their own impression of you in their mind.  They shouldn’t, but they do.  This is why it is so important that you dress professionally.  Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Always try your outfit on a few days before the interview.  Make sure you feel comfortable in it, especially when sitting down.  Make sure it fits well and it not too tight or too loose.  It is a good idea to wear some colour which will give you a lift, as generally the clothes we wear to interviews are dark colours.  We suggest that ladies could wear a colourful scarf and men could wear a tie with some colour.


  1. Be early

Calculate the travel time to your interview destination and leave plenty of time for any delays.  You want to arrive at your destination relaxed and calm.  This will give you a final chance to look over your notes if you need to and compose yourself for the interview.


  1. Give specific examples

When answering the interviews make sure to give specific examples from experience during your career to date.  You could also give examples from voluntary experience such as committees and charities that you are involved in.


  1. Smile and Relax

Smile and relax!  Smiling helps to expel some of the tension you may be feeling.  Smiling shows the employers that you are confident, warm and enthusiastic.  Employers don’t just look for qualifications anymore; they look for a personality and a level of energy that matches their workplace environment.  Remember, you have all your preparation done at this stage so now it is time to give it your best.


Top 5 Tips for Interview Success

Top 5 Tips for Interview Success

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